fresh like richard kimathi’s little dresses

richard kimathi is easily one of kenya’s greatest artists. he often works in limited, interesting series and his work is always evolving, different, suprising. he currently has a show at One Off gallery of his more recent work titled “little dresses”, which will be showing until the 27th march. its definately worth checking out. it’s fresh! One Off contemporary art gallery is #16 Rosslyn Lone Tree Nairobi. 0722 521 870

fresh kick off!

the plan for is simple: to cover and update on kenyan arts and artists on a regular basis. we’ll visit artists studios and update you on what they are working on (or not!); talk to artists about their day-to-day life and more. ultimately, we hope that as a reader of fresh you will: stay informed on kenyan arts and artists and two: be inspired in your own creativity. (yes…