Just discovering this artist, SZA, and for today, inspiring. So much I am loving about her and her music. (She was the most nominated woman artist in this year’s Grammy Awards with 5 nominations.)

.The Start & Podcasts.

Yesterday (20.2.18) I came across a coming soon podcast from The Guardian that is described as “A new podcast about artistic beginnings, as told by great artists of our time.” I love podcasts and especially those about artists and I have been planning for way too long to make one. So this is me, taking inspiration from this new podcast and knowing that soon and very soon, I need to…

.Black Panther.

I have so far seen it (Black Panther) twice and gearing up for a third watch! It is great. What’s also great is that Marvel/Disney commissioned a Kenyan photographer, Osborne Macharia “to create an exclusive art piece for the launch of Black Panther for cinemas in London”. This is one of the characters that Osborne created. See more in his Behance space. #Wow! I am completely inspired. p.s: and Osborne…

.Mural Power.

I came across this mural in the Kickstarter campaign by Fearless Collective. I don’t yet know much about this particular campaign (Fearless Public Art Residency: Protest by Creating Beauty) but this mural had me at first scroll! I stopped. Right there. Powerful. This is the power of public art. A good mural is an amazing thing.


I’ve recently started buying masks and I am loving them.  They have different features and characters and personalities. I’m beginning to understand their power. This is one.

.Begin With Art.

Fresh.co.ke is back and I choose to return with art. This is new work by Yassir Ali. He’s an artist originally from Sudan and now based here in Kenya for many years. In these new works (a total of 16 square pieces), he’s playing with texture and colour and the result is this – beautiful; layered; perfect. Here’s to more daily inspiration.