Black Romance

I’ve been reading quite a lot of romance of late – especially because many romance novels come free with my reading app. And then it occurred to me, just the other day, that none of the characters in the many romance novels I was reading were black or even people of colour! So I decided to change that by first, researching black romance novels and then downloading some. First disturbing…

Rosemary Karuga

Rosemary Karuga, one of Kenya’s first and most established women artists, makes stunning paper mosaics.  I love them afresh each time.   (image from red hill gallery website)

.Yinka Shonibare + Public Art Fund.

Inspired by: This work just launched in New York last week (Mar 7th) ! If you’re there, go check it out. It’s out on the streets, not hidden behind a gallery wall (= the joy of public art = the work of Public Art Fund whom I love!) So enjoy it because you can and because it’s stunning, as all of Yinka Shonibare’s work is.

.Peter Walala + Growing Art.

Peter Walala, well known Kenyan sculptor, came through to the GoDown Arts Centre to deliver an art piece that he has been growing for 3 years. Like the featured image, by,  Walala has been shaping and molding the tree into an art piece that is now ready.