James Mweu’s Photo Exhibition and Perfomance

i am ┬áso looking forward to this show. because i know james mweu as a dancer, and actually as one of the best in kenya in regards to contemporary dance… so, seeing his photography work is going to be interesting and i am curious. i also love that the show will include dance performances by “kunja dancers” a group founded and trained by james. it’s great that the show brings together both visual and performing arts which is something that we rarely see coming together in kenya. and then binyavanga wainaina will be opening the event at 12 noon which just crowns it all, because i love his writing and he is one of the funniest and smartest creative people that i know in kenya. and all this happens at the One Off Gallery, a space that is beautiful and welcoming and always has a nice vibe around openings. so, this is all round very exciting! you might wanna make a date too!


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